Honestly Good


I want to talk about how much I LOVE this company!  If you haven’t heard of it, go check it out at http://www.honest.com.  If you have heard of it, but have not tried any of their products, DO IT!!!

One of my friends turned me on to this company.  It started off with her sending me an email to sign up so that she could get 10% off her next purchase.  Like the good friend that I am, I went ahead and filled out the form (it’s free), but then I never gave it a second thought.  At that time, I didn’t think that I really needed to stop using the products I was, and why would I need plant based diapers for my kid?

My friend gave me a bottle, wipes, and bath soap from The Honest Company for one of my baby shower gifts.  Again, I didn’t think much of it.  Yes, the soap smelled really good and a new mom can always use wipes and bottles, right?  Well, after nearing the end of my second trimester, smells started to greatly affect me.  My sense of smell was enhanced ten-fold!  I found that I could not clean my house with my normal products anymore because it literally felt like my nose hairs were being singed off each time I cleaned the house.  I tried some of the “green” and “natural” products at the grocery store, but found that they did the same thing.  I actually became worried and started thinking that if these products affected me in this way, what would they do to my baby?  If I was breathing in all of these toxins, was my baby breathing them in at the same time?  Also, did I want him breathing these in when he got here?

I went to The Honest Company’s website and ordered my first cleaning products: the floor cleaner and the multi-surface cleaner.  I’ll admit that I was skeptical.  I didn’t know how well these green, plant-based products were actually going to clean.  After using them for the first time, I was hooked.  The smells from both products are amazing and were not overbearing for my nose.  I also found that they cleaned just as well as my normal products from the grocery store!  I am now signed up to for the “Essentials Bundles.”  I receive 5 products every month and save 35%.  I can mix and match products and I receive an email each month before it goes out in case I want to add or change any of the products.  I have used almost all of their products and can honestly (yes, the pun is intended) say that I have nothing bad to report about any of them.

I recently found out just how amazing the detergent and oxy pods work:  My son had a stomach bug for a week.  That meant lots of diapers and LOTS of laundry.  None of my son’s clothes have poop stains!  The detergent and oxy pads got out all of the diarrhea without me having to soak or use a special spray before washing!

As for the baby products, I purchase diapers and wipes regularly and have used both the bug spray and sunscreen on my infant son. I began using the diapers after figuring out that my son shared his father’s sensitive skin.  I was already using the cleaning products so I assumed the baby products would be just as good, and I knew they didn’t contain any of the nasty chemicals and they were not hard on the environment.  I will admit that I was not sure how well the diapers would hold up to the big jobs that come around every once in a while.  In my personal opinion, The Honest Company diapers are better than the major store bought brands.  The wipes work well and are thick, but soft enough for my baby’s little butt.  Neither the sunscreen or the bug spray caused breakouts on my son’s sensitive skin because everything is made from natural products.

Seriously, go check this website out!  www.honest.com.


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