The BEST product for rough, dry skin




Baby Aquaphor.  I received a tube of this at one of my baby showers to use after Lincoln’s circumcision.  It worked well and helped him heal very quickly.  He started getting bad diaper rash, so we used it on that and it healed after the first day!  I went ahead and bought a large tub of this for continued use.  Lincoln gets this on his shiny hiney, behind his ears because for some reason they become very dry and cracked, and then under his arms where his skin seems to get inflamed.  

A few months ago, the heels and the outside of my toes began to get very dry and the skin started cracking.  I figured if the Aquaphor worked well on Lincoln, it could possibly work on my nasty feet.  Ta da!!!  After only a week of using the product every night at bedtime, my skin was completely healed!

Then, I started questioning how many chemicals were in this and if it was going to cause my skin to fall off later in life.  I checked my handy dandy EWG’s Skin Deep app (download it now if you don’t have it), and it is a level 2, which is really good.  If you don’t have this app, take a look at the website.

You can find Aquaphor just about anywhere.  Instead of scrubbing your heels and wearing yourself out, just slap this on at night and drift off to sleep knowing that in a week you will wake up with feet everyone will be jealous of.  Plus, sandal season is right around the corner!  


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