Boon Teether

I signed up for the Citrus Lane boxes when Lincoln was about 3 months old.  Citrus Lane

I saw the advertisement on Facebook (those damn things get me 80% of the time!), did some research and liked what I saw, so I went for it.  Lincoln has enjoyed most of the products that he has received and there are even some products for me.  I’ve received nail polish, which I love, and lotion, which I also really like.  I like the products that come with the Citrus Lane boxes because they are all “green.”  If you do not currently receive the boxes, the company always includes a card which provides information about each of the products.  There are also coupon codes that can be used if you want to purchase other items from the companies. 

Anyway, Lincoln received a Boon Pulp teether in the last box.  He hasn’t really been into any of the other teethers that he has so I just washed this one and put it aside.  

Pulp Silicone Teething Feeder

Boon Inc.

I continued to look at it because it is so different than the other teethers we had.  I read about it on the Internet and went to to really check it out.  If you follow him on Facebook, The Baby Guy NYC has written about this and other Boon products before.  It’s BPA, Phthalate, and PVC free.  It’s supposed to be easy to clean, unlike the mesh teethers that are on the market, and it actually is! It’s made for fruit and/or veggies to be placed inside so it actually tastes good to baby unlike those plastic teethers you place in the freezer . . . which taste like plastic.

I decided to give it a try this morning.  I cut up an organic strawberry and placed a couple of pieces inside the silicone cup and gave it to Lincoln.



He inspected it first, like he does with anything new.  He shakes it in each hand to see if it makes noise, and then it goes in his mouth. He chewed on it for a few minutes and seemed to enjoy it better than other teethers he has used in the past.  I think the strawberries inside really helped.  After a few minutes, he flipped it over and put the handle in his mouth and was more inclined to chew on it that way.  


Then, he got bored and started banging it on the tray:


My verdict?  I will definitely give it another try with different fruits and veggies.  I think it will be great for this summer because I can add in frozen fruits for a cool treat while we are playing outside.



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