Organic and Vegan makeup

I have been using organic and vegan makeup for a few months now.  I’ve waited to post about it until I had fully tested out the products I bought.  Some of them I really love, and some not so much.

I originally ordered all my makeup from Kaia House which is located in New York.  



I heard about this company on another blog I follow, and I trust the writer because she does her research.  The makeup is not cheap; well, not to me anyway because I was always a drug store beauty buyer.  I purchased the powder foundation, a cheek highlighter, mascara, and two eye shadows.    


Ivory powder foundation $21.00

The foundation did not work out for me.  I was a little wary of it anyway because I never wear foundation and I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it.  When I first started using it, I was surprised that it was pretty light, but after a few weeks, my skin became very oily.  My forehead, chin, and cheeks started to break out and I very rarely have skin break outs, or pimples for that matter.  I’m not sure if this happened because my skin is not used to a foundation or what, but I instantly stopped using this product and my skin cleared up within a few days.


Cheek Highlighter in City Lights $24.00

I am really loving this cheek highlighter.  I’ve never used a cream blush before, but I liked the color shown online and did not like the colors offered for the powder blushes.  It goes on easy and has a little bit of a shimmer to it.  It can be used as a lip shimmer, too, but I found that it was TOO shimmery for me on my lips.  I think you can also use it on the eyes, but I have yet to try it there as I am not a big pink eye shadow person.  It lasts all day, even through my workouts!  I would definitely recommend this product.


Eyeshadow in Latte $19.00


Eyeshadow in Toffee $19.00

I like these eye shadows.  I went with neutral tones so that I could wear them to work everyday.  I’m getting bored with just these two colors so I plan on ordering some other colors, but I am going to try a different brand (which I will blog about later).  Both shadows go on smooth and last all day.  They don’t smear or rub off easily so yes, I would also recommend this product.

The last item I purchased from Kaia house was their mascara.  They only offered one kind and I would not recommend buying this.  It stayed wet and smudged very easily.  It would smear under my eyes so I constantly had raccoon eyes or I was going to the bathroom to wipe it away.  I started using Physcian’s Formula Organic Wear mascara.  


Physician’s Formula mascara

I LOVE this mascara!  I found it at my local Kroger store along with powders and bronzers.  I’m hoping they will continue to come out with other products.  I cannot remember how much I paid for it, but I don’t think it was over $8.  It goes on wonderfully, dries, and does not streak or cause raccoon eyes.  It lasts all day, even through my work outs.

I don’t think that I would purchase these Kaia House products from their website again.  If I could find them on Amazon, which I haven’t been able to as of yet, I would go there first because it took the makeup FOREVER to get to me.  I ordered all of the products at one time, but received them at different times.  The first package contained the mascara, blush, and eye shadows and it took almost a month for it to get to my house.  I had to contact the company about the powder foundation and was told they thought I had it.  I finally received it two weeks later.  They tried to redeem themselves by sending me a bottle of their soy nail polish remover (which isn’t that great).  

I recently checked to see what type of organic and vegan makeup products were available and I found many different Physcian’s Formula products for super cheap.  I’m talking $2-$3!  I will definitely be ordering from there in the future.

I plan on purchasing some eye shadows from Josie Maran.  She is a model and has been developing organic and vegan beauty products for a while.  Her products are not cheap, which is why I have been holding off on buying anything.  As soon as I get her products, I’ll try them out and let you know how they work.

Do you or have you used any vegan/organic products?  If so, which brands?  Did you like them?



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