Simple Truth? More like Simple Lies.


When I go grocery shopping, I usually go to Kroger.  There is a new one fairly close to both my work and home.  I enjoy shopping there because the store is clean and even when the parking lot it full, the store doesn’t seem overly crowded.  I also like the Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic products.  I think it’s great that I can buy natural and organic products at a lower price.

It turns out, at least one of these products is advertising lies.  I just came across a couple of articles about the Simple Truth chicken: these chickens are not raised humanely at all.  Although they are raised cage-free, they are forced to live their lives in a dark barn with up to 40,000 more chickens.  The living area is so cramped that most of them become stressed and peck at each other (sometimes to death).  This type of crapped living also causes bone malformation, cardiovascular problems, and ruptured tendons.  I won’t even go into what this company calls their “humane” way of killing them because it is too disturbing.

Because of this news, I am left wondering if the Simple Truth Organic products are truly organic. . .  I do know that I will no longer be purchasing this chicken.  I may just have to change grocery chains, as well.  Whole Foods is not too far down the road.  


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