Drink of Choice

Is it just me or do other people choose what alcoholic drink to enjoy based on the TV show or movie they are watching?

I recently noticed that certain shows make me want to indulge in certain alcoholic beverages – some that I don’t even like.

When Mad Men was still on, I wanted a scotch and I don’t even like scotch (it tastes like lipstick)! I also wanted a cigarette and I definitely don’t like those. Don, Betty, Joan, and the rest of the cast just made everything look so cool and sophisticated. I didn’t pour me a nice glass of scotch, but I would settle for the go-to glass of red.afcdae5d395e0fc74dd687d02b72c22d


I recently started watching the Netflix original series Grace and Frankie, which is super cute by the way. Grace is always drinking martinis so of course I needed to have a martini. I hadn’t made a martini in years; it was certainly before my son was born. I had to Google “how to make an extra dirty martini,” and thank you Martha Stewart, I was ready to enjoy my show.


Scandal puts me in the mood for a good red wine (I think I’m always in the mood for that, though). The obvious reason for this is because Olivia Pope, the badass that she is, loves a good glass (or bottle) of red and a bowl of popcorn. No kidding, I went through a red wine and popcorn for dinner phase not too long ago. I think I figured if I ate and drank what Olivia did, I could be just like her. Didn’t quite work out that way.


If I’m watching The Real Housewives of New York, I’ve got to have a glass of white wine with ice cubes in it. This is so backwoods country for me and I hate that I feel I need to drink that, but that Ramona, she hooked me. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills calls for a big glass of rosé thanks to Lisa Vanderpump. Then it’s just time to sit back and watch the drama unfold!

Subliminal messaging or do I just need a good drink after a long day with a 3 1/2 year old and a full day of work?


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