You Are Doing A Great Job

I know I’m not the only one who is reading and listening to moms who are stressed out about whether or not they are a good parent. If you are a mom (and even if you’re not), there’s a chance that you will see a post, a meme, or a video at least once a day on whatever social media platform you use. Some of these are funny, some are sad, and some are spot-on to how you are feeling at that point in time.

Here is what I want to say to all the moms: You are doing a great job!

Who cares if you sent your child to school with Doritos for breakfast? (guilty)

Who cares if you didn’t give your kid a bath last night because he had swim lessons and chlorine kills pretty much everything, right? (guilty)

Who cares if the laundry in the basket that hasn’t been folded is from two weeks ago? (guilty)

If your kids are alive, happy, and healthy; you are doing a great job!

I think if all us moms complimented at least one other mom every day, we would feel so much better about ourselves.

When you see that mom in Target with the three-year-old running through the store because he is fighting the bad guys while his baby sister is screaming because she is tired but refuses to take a nap, smile at her and and give her a knowing nod. You might even let her know that her super hero son is cute.

So, your goal for today is to tell at least one mom “You’re doing a great job!”



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