Don’t Forget to Give Thanks

People, what is going on? Why oh why did I start seeing Christmas decorations on lawns the day after Halloween? Did everyone forget about Thanksgiving?

Look, I love the Christmas season and everything that comes with it. It warms my heart to give gifts to those I love and to others who need it. I love the twinkling lights, the music, the food, and the eggnog (of course). But, Thanksgiving is still an important holiday and we seem to just be skipping right over it.

Thanksgiving is the time when we come together as friends and family and GIVE THANKS for what we have been blessed with. Given the current situation of our country, I think we all need this.

The day moved away from it’s original religious roots so that everyone could celebrate, and I think we all need to celebrate what we have been given. Many of us forget to let others know how much we appreciate them and I guess one could argue that we have a chance to this during Christmas when we give gifts, but I would much rather hear someone tell me how much they love me or appreciate me rather than buying my friendship or love.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate – with a turkey, a duck, or fish – gather friends and loved ones around a table and enjoy one another’s company. Otherwise, I fear the generations to come will not even know what a Thanksgiving is.



Hurricane Harvey Relief

This tragedy has affected so many people and it’s heartwarming to see the amount of help they have received.

My family was fortunate. Although the water in our neighborhood got higher than I ever saw, none of us received any water in our homes. We are helping those who were not so fortunate now.

As I scroll through Facebook to see who needs help where, what supplies are needed, where we can take food, or volunteer, I am seeing so many different websites and locations that I wanted to try and compile them to make it easier for those of you who do want to help.

Monetary Donations: Before you donate any money, please make sure it is legitimate. Be very wary of all of the GoFundMe pages, too. Unfortunately, there are people out there trying to make a buck off of others’ pain and suffering and there is a special place in Hell for them. Here is a list of a few places to donate money.

Other Donations: These are pages/places for clothing, food, household items, etc.

To Volunteer: 

I know there are a ton of places I didn’t list, so please feel free to do so in the comments or let me know an I will add it.

Even though the rain has stopped, the water and flooding have not. The clean up process is going to be long and arduous so we need to help people stay positive by staying positive ourselves. If you plan on donating clothing, please be mindful of what you take. Don’t use this as a chance to clean out your closet and take a bunch of winter boots and coats – it’s still summer here in Texas.


What’s for dinner?


I made this zucchini pie Monday night and it was delicious!  I just ate some of the leftovers for lunch, too.

You can find the recipe on my Pinterest page or you can just go to the website:

I made a few changes because I was afraid that, given the ingredients listed, it wouldn’t fill me up enough to have for dinner.  I only used two medium organic zucchini (which I shredded using a hand shredder), about a cup of frozen organic corn, four slices of cooked bacon that I chopped into bite-size pieces, and I used Provolone cheese because it melts wonderfully and I thought it would taste better with the combination of ingredients I was using.

All in all, it was quick and easy to do.  In fact, I put all the ingredients together and stuck it in the oven while Lincoln took a nap.

I wanted to share this with you in case you are like me, and wonder if any of the recipes you pin on Pinterest are actually any good or worth trying.  This is definitely one of them!

Let me know how yours turns out and if you change any of the ingredients!